Our Classes

There is no better feeling than watching your body do something it couldn’t 10 days ago, and knowing you achieved that success through your own determination! Let us give you that feeling at our fun, effective barre classes!

BarreAmped is an intensive body shaping experience designed to produce reliable results, no matter the client. The method is influenced by classical and modern dance (though it is not a dance class) and utilizes a barre to achieve optimal positioning. Insights from Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic stretching also balance the method’s unique approach.

The precision-oriented technique focuses mainly on small, isolated movements within deeply held and challenging postures. BarreAmped is proven to increase metabolism, burn fat, and lengthen tight muscles. With commitment to the technique, you get recognizable results exactly where you want them.

Created by international fitness celebrity and former Lotte Berk Method instructor Suzanne Bowen, BarreAmped is the result of more than 10 years of physiological study and client observations by one of America’s top fitness talents. Precise form is essential to achieving optimal results in BarreAmped; thus, BarreAmped instructors are highly trained to correct and refine your positioning during each workout.

*NEW* Barre Fire Classes!

Fire is advanced Barre class recommended for individuals who have taken at least 30 Barre classes. It is 50-55 minutes of high intensity, quick moving barre class incorporating cardio intervals for maximum calorie burning.