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5 Best Exercises For Bigger Biceps (Really Works!!)

Talking about exercise yes it is true that by performing some exercise our body looks fit and we stay healthy. Now there are different ways as well as different places where we can perform our exercises like we can say at our homes or gyms. Talking about exercises there are different kinds of exercises for our different body parts. Coming to our topic we will talk about some best exercises for bigger biceps.

Exercises for bigger biceps:

Workout for bigger biceps

There are various exercise for building up bigger biceps. Let’s talk about some of the top exercises for building up bigger biceps and these are as mentioned below:

  1. Barbell Curl:

The main motive of performing this exercise is to biceps brachii from its original position where it’s to be towards its peak as well as insertion.

By performing this exercise we get a chance of work out in both of our biceps which helps us in getting the work done equally towards developing our muscles.Talking about its working first we have to hold the barbell with a proper grip on our shoulders so that it becomes comfortable for the user standing in an upright position. While performing this the upper arm should be kept unmoved and the weight should be curled in upright direction but biceps should be allowed to contract and this process should be repeated after bringing to its original position.

  1. Incline Dumbbell Curl:

The main motive of performing this exercise is to take the full length of biceps muscles by considering biceps as well as brachialis. Talking about its working first we have to place a resistance on biceps brachii for visibility of biceps which is really important.by the help of the incline, we get a unique position for exercise which is not offered by any other workout. Apart from this, a bench is needed which can be placed at an inclination of 45-60 degree angle. We have to hold the dumbbell from our side by sitting on the bench as well as keeping our arm static we have to bring that dumbbell closer to our shoulders and bringing back to our original position and this should be repeated.

  1. Concentration Curl:

Talking about its main target area are the biceps. This exercise is one of the best biceps exercises as it helps about 97% of the area to get yield. With the help of the thigh stabilizing the arms, as well as the muscles of biceps, get trained as well as isolated.

To perform this exercise we have to sit on a flat bench with our leg spread and knee bent and keeping our feet on the floor. The user should hold the dumbbell by the help of one hand and the other hand should remain at rest of the inner side of our thigh which helps in stabilizing. Now the weight should be brought forward and muscles should be contracted to keep the arms static.

  1. Standing Cable Curl:

The main focus of this exercise is to activate the brachialis. The main purpose is to develop our biceps muscles by the help of the cable offering constant tension. To perform this exercise we have to use a straight bar and standing near the cable machine which can be adjusted according to our height. Holding the bar we have to curl it slowly to the top until it comes to our chest level. Elbow should remain static and the bar should be taken back to its original position.

  1. The Preacher Curl:

The main focus of this exercise is to increase the strength of biceps as well as brachialis.to perform this exercise we have to use preacher bench pad, positioning our upper arms as well as chest toward the pad holding the curl bar keep at the length with our shoulder. We should start with this and end up until our biceps muscles are stretched completely. The bar should be brought to its original position and the exercise should be repeated.


At last but not the least I would like to summarize the topic by saying that the above-mentioned exercises are the topmost one which is surely going to increase our biceps muscles if performed systematically.